“I will sing and make music. Awake, my soul! Awake, harp and lyre!”

David can’t possibly have brought his harp with him into hiding in a cave, can he?  He has an invisible harp – because not having the music he wants isn’t going to stop him being a worshipper.  Today, pray that we’ll be worshippers.  There’s nothing as discouraging to a Christian minister as hearing people say that they didn’t “get much” from the worship in song on a given Sunday.  The point is: were you a worshipper?  Were you giving in worship, to God and to your fellow worshippers?  However we decide to structure our Sunday worship, this is the thing that will determine the future health of St Michael’s.
2/13/2010 04:31:47

I think this whole 40 days of discernment has helped us all to be worshippers - not just consumers, as you said in your sermon on Sunday. It feels like a new way has opened up for the church (I guess that's why you suddenly changed the banner from a field to a road), and although I don't know what the decisions of the leaders are, I feel excited and full of trust that they'll be the right ones.

Enjoy Malta, Andy - you deserve a rest.

2/13/2010 07:08:06

I thought your comments about consumerism were spot on. Deborah Orr put it like this in the Independent: Our present cultural malaise is, 'caused by consumerism itself - the idea that everything on the planet can be converted into cash, that work is work only if it is paid for, and a pleasure is pleasure only if it is purchased.'

5/4/2012 00:05:20

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