Fasting postponed!


To avoid a clash of date with the Chelmsford Borough
Holocaust Memorial Day evening commemoration at Hylands House (details available) we are postponing our evening on Fasting from Wednesday 27th January to Wednesday 3rd February - same time same place (8pm at the church).


01/20/2010 09:48

Brian and I think that the Sunday (and other?) services are the place to reach out and be a shop window for the village. We feel people searching or in need will look for a church more easily than a group meeting in a private house. Home groups enable one to study and question Bible passages. Services obviously need teaching as part of the worship too.

01/20/2010 11:45

Thank you both. I think this is the consensus view - if we agree as a church it will have repercussions in the way we do Sunday church.

05/04/2012 00:20

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